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Good news for parents trying to monitor their children’s mobile devices

Good news for parents trying to monitor iPhone/iPad/iPod software.


There should NOT be an app for that.

A funny look at ridiculous apps.

Excited about iOS7?

For those of you interested in the upcoming release of iOS7, this article is for you:

Advice for prospective iPad owner

So you own an iPad. A relative wants to know why you love it and if they should buy one. Yes, Its awesome! Words With Friends is GREAT!…. But really, why should should they buy one? Here is some help…

15 iOS 7 features revealed

Im excited about iOS7 for iPhone and iPad. Every time I read about a new planned feature, my anticipation grows. Anyone with me? And now this article tells us about some features we weren’t told about yet.

Microsoft Surface Pro review

The word on Microsoft Surface Pro… Incomplete

Apple says it’s made maps improvements

Apple says it’s already made a number of fixes and improvements to its error-ridden Maps software, and has “more improvements” coming throughout 2013.

Privacy group files complaint against app maker.

“Mobbles app takes unfair advantage of children’s developmental vulnerabilities, and even potentially threatens their personal safety”. Privacy group files complaint against kids’ mobile game maker

Microsoft Tablet. Demand isn’t as high as expected.

Early demand for Microsoft’s first computer, the Surface tablet, seems “disappointing.”

Our latest post? 10 iPad Apps Everyone Should Have

10 iPad Apps Everyone Should Have