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Mac and Windows can coexist.

Yep, run Windows ON your mac. Here’s how you do it.


Mac OSX Notification Center Options

You know the new notification center on macs? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Want to get rid of it? It is easier than you think. Here is how.

Time to get rid of Java on Macs.

Its not worth the risk any more.

Apple, and Macs specifically was hacked.

Apple, and Macs specifically was hacked. Apple is being targeted more and more often recently. It is time to start thinking about tougher security than the out of the box security that Apple offers.

Should we be concerned about Java? YES.

Should we be concerned about Java? YES. How concerned? I don’t know.

Siri on a Mac? Now I’m intrigued…

Siri on a Mac? Now I’m intrigued…

Simple keyboard shortcuts for OSX

When your Mac wireless mouse isn’t being recognized, either because of dead batteries or other anomaly, it may be of use to know some simple keyboard shortcuts for OS X. Enjoy.