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Is your iPhone password protected?

Is your iPhone password protected? It may not be enough, but its better than no password at all… Read on and please repost.


Microsoft Office on the iPad

It will be nice to have Word and Excel on the iPad, but a subscription to Office 365 is necessary.

iOS7 annoying?

iOS7 annoying? Hear are a few things that you can do to minimize the issues.

iPhones/iPads used inapropriately

iPhones/iPads were NOT designed to be used this way and violated Apple’s Terms. What is this world coming to?

iOS7 will be here before you know it.

iOS7 will be here before you know it. Ready to upgrade your phone? Prepare now to avoid calling me later…

iPhone 5s

It seems we already know everything there is to know about highly secretive and much debated iPhone 5s, or do we?

iPhone 5C?

Ooo pretty colors. Who wants an iPhone 5C? At a descent price, maybe millions!

Free app vs Paid app

Just because its a free app, doesn’t mean its good. It may not be safe.

iPhone battery saving technics

Fact or Fiction РA good look at some of the technics used to maximize battery life.  Which ones work and which ones are just hype.

Good news for parents trying to monitor their children’s mobile devices

Good news for parents trying to monitor iPhone/iPad/iPod software.