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Is your iPhone password protected?

Is your iPhone password protected? It may not be enough, but its better than no password at all… Read on and please repost.


CryptoLocker on the Internet

Please pay attention to this. There is a malware program called CryptoLocker on the internet. It is a dangerous malware/virus that infects a PC, and then uses that system to infect files on the network. Once infected, the files cannot be accessed, and a ransom demand is made in order to get a key to unlock the files. If the demand isn’t met, the files are permanently unusable. Even if the payment is made, sometimes the files are damaged beyond repair. This has the potential to make all files on your network unusable, so it is very serious.

Here is a safe link that provides details:

We recommend the following actions to protect your network, please share with your employees, family and friends.

1. Be sure that all servers and workstations are up to date with patches and anti-virus updates.
2. Don’t open attachments or links you weren’t expecting. If it’s an email attachment or link you weren’t expecting, or from someone you don’t know or do business with, pick up the phone and call them to verify that it is legitimate. We have seen Cryptolocker arrive in an email that appears to be concerning Payroll data. Malware attempts can be sneaky, arriving in the form of what look like Facebook, LinkedIn, shipping, or banking notifications with vaguely named attachments. NEVER open an attachment unless you know the person sending it to you and you’re expecting a file on the topic mentioned.
3. If you do click on something unsafe and receive a CryptoLocker message, physically disconnect from your network connection immediately. While this won’t save your computer and local files from infection, it may keep the program from spreading and infecting the rest of the network.
4. Have a reliable backup mechanism and test it monthly as part of a disaster recovery plan. Once infected with Cryptolocker, the only resolution is to delete the files and restore from a good backup prior to the infection.
5. Upgrade your firewall to a model that scans files as they enter your network. This gives you a defense in depth that can stop threats at the perimeter of your network before they have a chance to do damage. Cisco, Palo-Alto, and Watchguard all have very good solutions. Make sure the specific model of firewall you have actually has this functionality, many basic models do not.

Contact us at Triangle CompuDocs if you need any help with these things.

Watch your kids.

How many hours a week are our teenagers on the internet, through cell phones, tablets and computers? How can we keep them safe? This article has some great tips.

Microsoft Security Essentials is lacking

ALERT!!! Microsoft’s free antivirus falls way short in malware tests. Get yours upgraded now.

Free app vs Paid app

Just because its a free app, doesn’t mean its good. It may not be safe.

How to buy a laptop for college

How to buy a laptop for college

Good news for parents trying to monitor their children’s mobile devices

Good news for parents trying to monitor iPhone/iPad/iPod software.

Parents, read this…

IMPORTANT! Parents, we should demand that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) follow through and do the same thing as the UK.

Android, King of Malware

With more than 300 threats detected and noted by security firm F-Secure in a report this week Android is crowned King of Malware.

Time to get rid of Java on Macs.

Its not worth the risk any more.