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Month: August, 2013

iPhone 5s

It seems we already know everything there is to know about highly secretive and much debated iPhone 5s, or do we?


Please like my new Facebook page.

Please like my new Facebook page.

Don’t read this

If you read this, you wont need a computer guy anymore… or will you?

Digital Coupons – The future is here.

Keep all available coupons in one easy to find place. Deals updated daily. Saving money has never been easier. Nice.

iPhone 5C?

Ooo pretty colors. Who wants an iPhone 5C? At a descent price, maybe millions!

Microsoft Security Essentials is lacking

ALERT!!! Microsoft’s free antivirus falls way short in malware tests. Get yours upgraded now.

Free app vs Paid app

Just because its a free app, doesn’t mean its good. It may not be safe.

Mac and Windows can coexist.

Yep, run Windows ON your mac. Here’s how you do it.

Looking to upgrade your tech?

Look no further. Share with friends.

Home Advisor

OK, this is cool – This tool walks you through your house and shows you how to save money on the things you buy everyday… FOR FREE!