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Month: July, 2013

Like myself, this Windows XP user isn’t being pressured to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8

Windows XP was and still is a great, stable OS. So what are you going to do?


The Breakup App

Breaking up is hard to do. People stay together for years knowing full well, they aren’t good for or with each other. But breaking up is the worst right? Telling someone to their face that you don’t like them anymore? No way! Get the breakup app!
p.s. I am joking

Advice for prospective iPad owner

So you own an iPad. A relative wants to know why you love it and if they should buy one. Yes, Its awesome! Words With Friends is GREAT!…. But really, why should should they buy one? Here is some help…

Parents, read this…

IMPORTANT! Parents, we should demand that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) follow through and do the same thing as the UK.

IPad, iPhone, iPod… You’ve got data,

IPad, iPhone, iPod… You’ve got data, important data on one or more of these devices. are you backing them up? If not, you really should be and it’s easy. This video shows you how.

Time to bling out that iPhone and iPad..

Time to bling out that iPhone and iPad… Or whatever else your money can buy…

Horrible customer service. Tired of it?

Horrible customer service. Tired of it? Me too. Here are the top ten in the country. Guess who is #2… Time Warner Cable. Cant even begin to think of all the client’s I’ve worked with that are frustrated with these guys.

Windows 8.1 is almost here.

Windows 8.1 is almost here. If you have Windows 8, you will want this update. Here are some features that you may have been missing.