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Month: June, 2013

“Windows 8.1 is not just an update, it is an apology”

I love the way the author says, “Windows 8.1 is not just an update, it is an apology.” A lot of people are frustrated with Microsoft’s new Operating System… I agree, it is a big transition. So, what does the update have in store?


15 iOS 7 features revealed

Im excited about iOS7 for iPhone and iPad. Every time I read about a new planned feature, my anticipation grows. Anyone with me? And now this article tells us about some features we weren’t told about yet.

Maximize your laptop battery’s performance

Anyone that has a laptop knows that battery life is very important. There is nothing worse that tearing the house apart looking for a charger as the computer is quickly dying because the battery is spent. This article offers some good tips for extending your battery life.

No tech support needed??!!?

No tech support needed??!!? Now that is thinking out of the box! Go!

Well Windows 8 is gaining ground.

Well Windows 8 is gaining ground on Windows Vista, but Windows 7 remains the most popular with Windows XP trailing a close second.