The iPhone name game.

by cbschulstad

When Apple introduced the smartphone, the name ‘iPhone’ seemed like the perfect and obvious choice for a company with other ‘i” named products, including the iMac and iPod. But iPhone was just one of several names discussed, says former Apple ad man Ken Segall. Cisco owned the name ‘iPhone’ and it wasn’t a sure thing they’d give it up to Apple. What else did Apple consider? “Mobi,” a play on the word mobile, “TelePod,” which combines a futuristic-sounding telephone with the pod from its digital media player, and ‘TriPod,’ which speaks to the three-devices-in-one mantra that Steve Jobs himself used to describe the (phone, media player and Internet-access device). The name iPad was also considered, which makes sense when you consider that Apple started worked on the tablet before the phone.