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Month: March, 2013

Got to laugh…

Been fixing computers for 18 years and this still makes me laugh. What’s wrong with this picture?



Indoor maps… the future…

Where is the Banana Republic? Where is the nearest bathroom at RDU airport? Can’t find the food court at SouthPoint? If Apple has its way, indoor maps will show you the way.

Android, King of Malware

With more than 300 threats detected and noted by security firm F-Secure in a report this week Android is crowned King of Malware.

Problem Steps Recorder

Did you know that Windows 7 has a cool little tool called Problem Steps Recorder? It allows you to record what you are doing into a little movie. Very convenient if you are trying to explain to your favorite IT guy (me) what is going wrong with your computer. Just record what happens and forward it via email!

How do you like Windows 8?

It’s a big transition, and people aren’t loving it. Time for Microsoft to make some changes.

Get ready to update Windows – EVERY edition.

Get ready to update Windows – EVERY edition.
Microsoft plans to issue seven security bulletins for its products next week – four critical and three important – in the March edition of its regular Patch Tuesday software update cycle.

The most troublesome of the critical vulnerabilities carries a remote code execution risk and affects every version of Windows – from XP SP3 up to Windows 8 and Windows RT as well as all versions of Internet Explorer.

A second critical update addresses critical vulnerabilities in Microsoft Silverlight both on Windows and Mac OS X. Silverlight is widely used as an alternative to Flash, in particular to run media applications, for example Netflix.

Third on the critical list is a vulnerability in Visio and the Microsoft Office Filter Pack.

The final critical update covers a privilege elevation flaw in SharePoint, Microsoft’s portal and content management enterprise server software.

The practical upshot is that ALL versions of Windows, some Office components and many consumer Mac OS X installations and more will need updating because of a myriad of security flaws.

The “important” bulletins cover an update to Microsoft Office for Mac 2008 and 2011 as well as an elevation of privilege security bug in Windows that affects XP SP3 up to Windows 8.

The iPhone name game.

When Apple introduced the smartphone, the name ‘iPhone’ seemed like the perfect and obvious choice for a company with other ‘i” named products, including the iMac and iPod. But iPhone was just one of several names discussed, says former Apple ad man Ken Segall. Cisco owned the name ‘iPhone’ and it wasn’t a sure thing they’d give it up to Apple. What else did Apple consider? “Mobi,” a play on the word mobile, “TelePod,” which combines a futuristic-sounding telephone with the pod from its digital media player, and ‘TriPod,’ which speaks to the three-devices-in-one mantra that Steve Jobs himself used to describe the (phone, media player and Internet-access device). The name iPad was also considered, which makes sense when you consider that Apple started worked on the tablet before the phone.