Why does my PC Crash? Reason 2 of 7

by cbschulstad


Bad memory is to blame for many blue screens and failed boots. Fortunately, however, your RAM modules are some of the easiest components to check and replace.

First, use the software utility Memtest86+ to ensure your RAM is the problem. If errors arise, you next need to determine exactly which memory stick is to blame. To do this, remove all the sticks from your system—save one inserted in the primary memory slot. If the system boots fine, and no errors are detected in Memtest86+, continue testing in the same fashion—one stick at a time, inserted in the primary slot—until the system fails to boot, or Memtest86+ indicates problems.

Eventually, you’ll nail down exactly which memory module is causing trouble, and then you can replace it with a fresh, clean stick (just make it’s fully compatible with your motherboard and other sticks of RAM

Bad RAMMemtest86+ found some errors with this system.