BIOS revisions and the motherboard

by cbschulstad

The BIOS is responsible for “waking up” the system and getting your hardware components talking to one another. It’s one of the most crucial parts of a motherboard. Sometimes when you add a different piece of hardware to the system it may require some settings to be adjusted in the BIOS to allow the new hardware to talk to the rest of the system. That means a BIOS upgrade can be used to improve compatibility and performance in general.
A motherboard manufacturer may release a new BIOS revision when they have found ways to improve the motherboard or add new features. Since each motherboard and BIOS is different, we recommend you contact the motherboard manufacturer for full instructions on performing the upgrade. The updates can normally be found on the manufacturer’s web site under their support section of “Drivers & Downloads”.

Apple users do not need to update their BIOS since their updates are completed at the same times as their firmware updates.

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