Computer seem slow? – Boost its memory

by cbschulstad

When your computer runs slow you’ll find than not all computers are created equally and the people that purchased budget systems or older computers often suffer from inconvenient slowdowns. These slowdowns can be caused by users that keep upgrading their software and operating system that demand higher requirements or by people that simply load up their hard disk with all kinds of different stuff.

There are a number of free ways to improve the performance of the system when the computer runs slow, but some sacrifices need to be made in the form of deleting files, downgrading software to lighter versions with reduced functionality, and reducing visual effects amongst others. In some cases where the computer runs slow, these tweaks may not even be effective in making your system fast. The better solution is to opt for a memory upgrade because you get these benefits when performing a memory upgrade.

Increase Overall Operating System Performance

A memory upgrade usually involves multiplying your memory depending on your slot limitations and even if you increase your memory by 1.5 times, you should notice a considerable increase in overall operating system performance. When your computer runs slow this means that with more memory your computer will boot faster and files should launch quicker and your system more stable. It almost feels like you upgraded your processor since all applications load faster.

Boosts Multitasking Capabilities

Not only do these programs load faster, but they continue to load pretty fast even when other programs are still running. This is great for people that wish to manage several applications at once. Multitasking is greatly boosted here allowing users to run all of their favorite programs at the same time to increase productivity without the occasional hanging that usually leads to annoying system restarts. The higher the memory upgrade, the more programs you will be able to run at once without noticing any slowdowns.

Allows more Background Applications to be Run

In addition to the multitasking improvements, you can also run additional applications in the background. This is similar to multitasking in the sense of active programs, but background services and applications contribute to a better system.

One perfect example is the Windows Vista gadgets. These gadgets are nice to have floating around your desktop, but having them there eats up some memory that slows down other applications. The only way to enjoy these widgets without taking a big performance hit is through a memory upgrade. There are so many other background services that add convenience to any user.

Inexpensive Compared to Other Upgrades

A memory upgrade is just one of the many upgrades that you can do to your system to increase system performance. Other upgrades include the processor upgrade which can greatly decrease loading and calculation times, but are quite expensive and may require the entire motherboard to be changed which adds to the expense. Video card upgrades can improve gaming performance, but have little benefits in other areas and laptop users cannot perform any of the latter.

Older computer owns can find RAM chips being sold for less than $20 and should be enough to power any Windows operating system both old and new. They normally do not require any other types of upgrades either putting the costs to a minimal.

If the software solutions do not do you justice, try performing a memory upgrade now. When your computer runs slow you will be very surprised as to how much of a performance boost you gained and it could increase the lifespan and value of your old system.

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