Restoring replacement iPhone from Cloud

by cbschulstad

So your iPhone died (or you broke it) and your replacement has arrived.  As you are setting it up, it asks if you want to restore from an iCloud backup.  Yes, you say… but wait, it cannot find your backup!?!  You know your old phone was backing up to iCloud.  So whats the deal?  No worries, follow these steps to recover your phone.

First of all, your old phone was probably upgraded to iOS6.  The replacement phone has iOS5.  This is the basic problem.

1. Set up your replacement phone as a NEW iPhone.  You have to go through this process.

2. Navigate to Settings, General, Update.  Your phone will see that there is an update available and you can begin downloading it.  This will take a while and you must have a fully charged battery or be plugged in AND be connected to WIFI.  Alternatively, you can plug your phone to your PC or MAC and use iTunes for the download.

3. Go through the upgrade process answering all of the startup questions as you see fit.  When it asks if you want to restore from a backup, select iCloud and enter your Apple ID information.  Viola!  Your latest backup is now recognized.

4. Select the appropriate backup and wait for the magic to happen.

As someone who seems to be rough on phones and has had numerous replacements, this information is invaluable.

I hope it helps you.